Chuan Amazon public cloud speed will be landing in China Kindle

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Kindle into China does not seem to be the industry expect so fast, the first "cloud" and "end" may be the layout behind logic Amazon.

Recently, sources revealed the "First Financial Daily", Amazon being Amazon public cloud "IDC some domestic manufacturers to discuss matters landing in China.

Currently, Amazon Web Platform Open Services AWS (Amazon Web Services), the Chinese website has been on line. This may also mean that the Amazon landing in China, "public cloud" countdown.

An industry analyst, told reporters that, the Amazon "public cloud" services once landing in China, Kindle into China will be a long?

Amazon treat Kindle into China, the attitude has been more positive. According to insiders, the end of 2011, Amazon has started in China in preparation for the Kindle team, in early 2012, the team initially set up to complete, and work directly to the the Amazon U.S. headquarters stationed executive Steve Frazier reported. In November of this year, Amazon former China president Wang Hanhua resignation, Steve Frazier took over as responsible for the Amazon overall business and advance the process of the Kindle into China.

In fact, the speed Kindle into China has been promoting the project as the focus of the Amazon of China.

On one hand, Kindle as Amazon terminal equipment strategy, to play on the Amazon cloud platform entrance supporting role, the Tablet PC market game was in full swing, mini Pad Apple and Google camp, a small flat-screen is brought to the Kindle and Kindle Fire impact. As incremental market, Amazon no longer hesitated.

As of October 2012, Apple has sold iPad 8400 million, while the Kindle Fire is about 7 million, followed by the Nook and Nexus 7 sales were 5,000,000 and 3,000,000.

On the other hand the Amazon China in recent years, the performance is more embarrassing. The data show that in the third quarter of 2012, Amazon China only 2.2% of the market share of the largest the domestic B2C electric supplier. Amazon advocated "everyday low price" does not translate into a competitive advantage of the domestic market, in this state, Kindle into China has played the role of breaking up the Amazon China.

However, Kindle into China also faced policy restrictions. In December of this year, Amazon China quietly on the line of the Chinese version of the Kindle bookstore, but the behavior he was considered to be in violation of regulations relevant departments. The Chinese version of Kindle bookstore is related qualifications borrowed the Beijing Chinese online digital publishing company, but according to the Commerce Department stipulates that foreign investors prohibited from entering the production operations of audio and video products and electronic publications.

Although Amazon has four models of Kindle products this year, won the license of radio equipment, in China engaged in e-book business, Amazon needs to get the publishing, content-based electronic publications issued and Internet publishing three license.

Analysts pointed out that the Kindle beginning not an isolated hardware identity exists, hosted the Kindle relying on Amazon's cloud service, while the latter is the Amazon to the highest part of the entire value chain.

Design for Apple and Steve Jobs "application to drive hardware sales," Amazon CEO Bezos pioneered the strategy of the road is a hardware driven software sales ".

This can also be seen from the Amazon Kindle pricing strategy. Kindle low hardware prices to attract users to buy, so Amazon has more user entry to allow more users to consume Amazon's cloud content services.

Thus, Amazon to achieve Kindle brings strategy to maximize the value of cloud computing, cloud platform, such as the entire cloud eco early good layout. Especially in China, due to policy factors, the Amazon need to solve the "cloud services" landing in China. Previously, Microsoft Century Internet cloud computing cooperation landing, as Amazon provides a case.

An industrial chain, told reporters that Amazon may bypass the publishing, take a distribution and other ways to get involved in the domestic book market, but because of domestic e-book market environment are quite different in the United States, the Amazon e-book business can be successful remains to be in the country observation. However, compared with the flat, Kindle Fire support more applications downloaded Kindle, perhaps more in the domestic market competitiveness.

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