PVI December revenue estimated slight decrease, Q4 possible turnaround

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PVI (8069) electronic paper displays and small and medium-size TFT-LCD LCD panel plant in November 2012 revenue rose to 3.8 billion yuan, nearly a year to a new monthly high level, mainly to benefit from electronic paper display, FFS wide viewing angleTFT-LCD LCD panel shipments increased simultaneously. Market expectations, PVI December 2012 revenue is expected to steady or decline slightly to about 5% of the overall fourth-quarter revenue estimate to nearly 10.5 billion yuan, quarter growth estimates by nearly 40% improvement in gross margin to 10%, plus revenue recognition lay single quarter is expected to turn a profit.
Looking ahead to the first quarter of 2013, according to the company earlier predicted, the overall visibility of orders roughly up to January 2013. However, next February, will be faced with industrial off-season, the number of working days less is expected in the first quarter of 2013, PVI, including electronic paper display, TFT-LCD LCD panel shipments will be marked decline, making the 2013 the first quarter of double-digit revenue quarter less amplitude (cloth copies Investment Consulting estimated quarter minus 20% -30%).
Profit and loss aspects, PVI said recently that the product structure in the fourth quarter of 2012 is expected to improve, the proportion of revenues from more profitable electronic paper display products are expected to move up to 2/3, the proportion of TFT-LCD LCD panel relative to 1 / 3. Outside speculated that this will contribute to the improvement in the fourth quarter of 2012, gross margin of PVI.

The other hand, the rumor that PVI may be recognized in the fourth quarter of 2012 from AUO (2409), Sharp and other panel manufacturers patent licensing royalty revenue, making PVI 2012 fourth quarter earnings per share of the single-season point of view 0.3-0.5 million. However, with revenue in the first quarter of 2013 may turn cool the first quarter of 2013, PVI ability to maintain profit status remains to be seen.

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This December decrease for

This December decrease for PVI revenue is not serious as the business imports and exports are divided into four quarters and the profit and loss is estimated according sales in each quarter. According to rushmyessay articles review there will be off peak where companies goes dull in sales at those time. This cause the loss in that particular month.

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