Japanese demand for e-books rammed!

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Nikkei News reported, Apple (Apple) and Kodansha, Shogakukan and Kadokawa and other Japanese major publishers to reach a consensus, the above Press agreed to provide books to Apple, Apple will be the month (1)the Japanese version of e-books began to be sold in Japan, mainly to supply to its own Tablet PC "iPad" use, to officially enter the Japanese e-book market; iPad tablet PC market in Japan to hold up to about 60 percent of the market share (in 2012April to September shipments calculation). Apple rivals Amazon (Amazon com) and Google in Japan was in 2012, opened its electronic bookstore.

The report pointed out that Apple has been through the "iBookstore" in Europe and the United States e-bookstore business in the part of the Japanese market, Apple was in 2010 with the iPad went on sale in Japan, the electronic bookstore, except dystocia due consultation with the Press , it is Apple's electronic bookstore service in Japan continues to remain substantially "out of business" status.

Japanese private investigation agency Yano Economic Research Institute report on the survey published in May 2012, estimated two years or three years after the Japanese e-book market will rise to the so-called "expand" period, estimated 2014 Japanese e-book market size compared 2011 the year rose 66 percent to 119.7 billion yen (jumped 107%) is expected to double to 150 billion yen in the year 2015.


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