General Manager of Hanwang: 2013, e-reader Where to Go

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It seems that only a day on the road two hours can look at the book, and this time also fight and mobile games. In fact, do not worry that the reader is not a small minority, as long as the reading is not a small minority on the right.
Chen Shaoqiang (Hanwang general manager)

At the beginning of the New Year, "Wall Street Journal" article China's digital publishing practitioners do not see the New Year new atmosphere.

The article mentioned that the U.S. market research firm IDC expects 2012 global e-reader shipments to 19.9 million units, a decrease of 28% compared with 27.7 million units in 2011. In contrast, IDC projected 2012 Tablet PC sales of $ 122.3 million. Begins with the sentence concludes the paper: "Although the era of e-reader has just opened, but it seems to be about to close." China's e-reader market seems to like the cold and winter of this year.

However, we see in the reader, while the volume decrease, do not neglect a data: the U.S. population aged 16 and over in the past 12 months (December 2011 to November 2012) read at least one paper book increased from 72% to 67%, while the proportion increased from 16% to 23% read at least one book. In addition, one-third of the U.S. population aged 16 and over, has e-reader or tablet (or both). The United States has a third of the population has the reader, such a high population, the terminal gradual decline in shipments is a very normal thing. The combination of the two sets of data, it is precisely that Amazon and Barnes & Noble is not a good day is about to end, but just the beginning - they never thought to rely on the reader to make money, but by the content.

Look back, reader and digital publishing market experienced a roller coaster of ups and downs, I think that may be a good thing, and finally left, there are two kinds of people: First, no choice, is to look for the future 's.

Digital publishing and reader why the United States can, China will not do it?

Last year, I said: "Some people say that Amazon is not selling products, terminal, relying on the contents of profitability, this is the reason why as long as the eyes are not blind are visible. Hardware vendors not content not that grand it? Microblogging grand network see the text is white, that Dangdang? Why Kindle delay into China? come in Chinese content, the problems faced by domestic manufacturers, the successful model of the United States, he can not copied. "

Sure enough, Amazon contain himself to, after all, the U.S. market has become saturated, China If one third of the population has a reader ... God, wipe saliva first. However, with the many problems brought about by the Kindle bookstore on the line, or confirms the sentence I said, Kindle into China, and other Chinese reader in the United States to face the question of content, content advantage and profit model in China no longer exist. In fact, China's digital publishing electronic version of the file number over the rivers and lakes, on so many Hanwang or Dangdang Ye Hao, Ye Hao mobile, home contents are similar "goods" are the same from so few. This is the Chinese digital publishing one of the unavoidable reality: the lack of digital content.

Our publishing file management relative lack of many books not to mention the electronic version, often even the typesetting files are not authorized is likely just a title, As for the content, they want to go. With the prevalence of digital publishing, publishers the consciousness gradually strengthen, this problem will be gradually improved.

But there is a second threshold: the very large holdings of domestic publishing software for electronic document output made a limit, that is, content is not you want to sell, want to sell will be able to sell to so bloody publishing agency said: Ye foreign publishing software okay! The initial stage of digital publishing, this problem is difficult to avoid, digital content is rich enough, we achieve digital publishing prosperity need to lay a foundation. This requires the concerted efforts of the whole industry chain, and government agencies also need to be given support.

Said earlier that an unavoidable reality, the problem seems to be there are solutions; then the second difficult: the continued decline of China's annual per capita amount of reading! Popular talk is increasingly no one book, which seems to have some contact and social period.

One less readable books two years ago, there are human Ghost Blows of such best-selling novel to worry about, then do not have to, this book can not be found on the first look at the airport bookstore books on clear.

The second is the enormous pressure and impetuous life people do not have time not in the mood to go to school, everyone recall last year, read a few books, you know. If you see more than four, I congratulate you, is basically a social elite. See why @ Ren Zhiqiang microblogging reading every day? Retired boss of the state-owned enterprises, the typical money + idle, so reading is a luxury, not because of your book, because the time.

The world's most fair to everyone every day has 24 hours, knuckle together: work eight hours (overtime), home to cook dinner two hours, tired watching two TV, rock The children are also considered two hours, wash sleep eight hours, and the poor man only four hours, which there are at least two hours on the road. Said this, publishing people finally shines: find reading time, Do not worry, the car belongs to the people Radio, the only subway and bus people the opportunity to see the road will book. This time also fight and mobile games, according to my long-term observation, public transport vehicles, the use of mobile phones and the reader to read proportion is largest.

New Year, how it should be said to boost morale, in fact, do not worry that the reader is not a small minority, as long as the reading is not a small minority on the right. Reading people, as long as it does not feel that reading is a glorious thing, all right. The reader when free to send, it's spring will come, and the reason a lot of people understand, so some people always insist, was still continuing to invest, the Long March has just begun.


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