EBook platform different specifications read the inconvenience

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The popularity of tablet PCs, more and more people replace physical books to e-books, electronic magazines, entity magazine, in fact, long before the rise of e-readers such as Kindle, Nook and iPad, magazines, books digitized already carried out quietly, despite the many years of development, an e-newsletter to more than 1998 users Wang (a pseudonym), a platform for e-books on the market too much, and the various formats are not a cause inconvenience and look forward to a unified format.

Wang pointed out that eight years ago began Order Magazine, the magazine through the purchase various countries of the the Zinio electronic journal platform, so that he can read the original "Time" magazine, read "Without Borders"; book part , due to the domestic e-book platform too, and different specifications example far streams eBook platform, aside using a computer to read electronic reader, the only production of Yuan-Liou Publishing Yuan-Liou Jin Yong machine caused buy Kindle consumers can not read the books by Yuan-Liou Publishing smoothly.

"Zinio provides about 33 to State magazine, the type of all-inclusive, News class, business class, women's magazines to Tattoo magazine has, so users can enjoy select" Wang said, buying patterns are also very simple, as long as the set account pay your credit card information, you can easily purchase and an account can be installed in the six computers at the same time, e-reader, iPad, or desktop in Zinio point of view magazines.

About Taiwan's e-book platform, the use of quite a lot of restrictions. Taiwan Digital Publishing Forum reading satisfaction survey for the last quarter of the digital display, the electronic magazine readers are very satisfied with the ratio, from Twenty. Four percent down to 14. The rate of one percent very satisfied with the e-book readers, also from twenty. Eight percent down to sixteen. Five percent, to analyze the reasons many subjects pointed out that the lack of genuine quality content currently on the market that can be selected, and hope to have more diversity of choice, and e-book pricing is too high.

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EBook platform different specifications read the inconvenience

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The rate of one percent very satisfied with the e-book readers, also from twenty.

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