Non-Amazon e-book orders increased PVI revenue growth this year can be expected

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The E Ink PVI 2013 revenue is expected to turn a profit. In addition to the largest e-book reader customers Amazon online bookstore (, too 2013 E Ink yuan has mastered orders for the new customer base, expected 2013 revenue is expected to growth quarter by quarter, and overall 2013 revenue will be better than 2012, is expected to get rid of the revenue loss haze.

E Ink PVI chairman Liu Cheng, color and flexible, the company will evaluate the technology and the market is in place, and then draw up a development strategy for the direction of the development of e-paper.
The E Ink PVI chairman Liu Cheng said that more non-US brands to join the e-book reader market situation of the war in 2013, e-book reader in Europe, Japan, Brazil and other emerging countries, market penetration will rise rapidly, driven The global market continues to grow. The company has acquired a lot of non-US e-book reader brands orders for the new customer base, expected to lead 2013 revenue and profit growth.

It is understood that the 2012 E Ink PVI two major revenue sources of liquid crystal display (LCD) with e-book reader product line, the proportion of revenue contribution of each of 45% and 55%, respectively. Benefit from new customer orders climbed e-book reader, PVI, E Ink e-book reader product line in 2013 the proportion of revenues is expected to further breakthroughs.

The the E Ink PVI Financial Officer & Spokesperson Chen Yen-Sung pointed out, new customer orders under the e-book reader, the company's first-quarter revenue will have a chance is better than the same period in 2012, and revenue will be a quarterly basis to go Yang.

For the November 2012 acquisition of the benefits of electronic paper display manufacturers Tech, E Ink PVI chairman Liu Cheng mentioned, In addition to LCD e-book reader, the company will be new this year to set up a new record with electronic tags and Industrial applications ( ESL) of two business divisions, namely to expand the electronic paper technology-based application development, is expected to be released in March will innovative utility sector developed new applications of electronic paper.

Chen Yen-Sung estimated the revenue contribution of the new record in 2013, with the two new departments electronic labels and Industrial applications are still not high, only about 10% or less, But future profits imagination, and there will be more significant in the camp received contributions.

Liu Cheng does not deny that the ESL divisions will face super twisted nematic (STN) display technology competition, However, the company has applied to large distributors show based on the application of e-paper technology, and to get the feedback of views; PVI E Ink also active with his or her partner ecosystems (Ecosystem), in order to reduce overall manufacturing costs, stimulate the application of universal electronic paper.

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