The high cost of e-book platform complain: processing fees exceed annual sales

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EBook processing costs of 500 million, and the hope that the Government will pay file conversion fee, peers do not agree

E-book on-line by the end of 2011, the year to the end of 2012, the sales revenue of over 300 million, but the processing cost of the book, it took nearly 500 million, Dangdang eBook facing a huge problem in the past year. It's not just the problems faced by Dangdang structures ebook platform, in fact, in the reporter's interview, a number of e-book platform, Jingdong, watercress, are facing the same problem.

■ status quo

Processing fees exceed annual sales

The Dangdang data is its vice president Wang Xi held recently in "speaking out of 2013 published in leading business executives in Beijing Digital Salon. Wang Xi 5,000,000 although not a lot of money, but it takes very uncomfortable. Content providers is a semi-finished products, Dangdang had to spend the high cost of the semi-finished file conversion processing. Processing costs more than a book to hundreds or thousands of dollars, seemingly not a lot of money, but do not forget, we do statistics really need to do the processing in a number 200-2500000 When I before profitability is not established, if you put more than 200 million to do the processing, 300000000-400000000 cost, then why did I do this job? "

Wang Xi mentioned processing costs is a common problem facing all current e-book platform. Douban Reading Communications Manager Du Jia Jue said, watercress book mainly two parts, part of the original Submission, and Dangdang another part from the Press to get the resources, take resources involving many original document layout Press So he must have a certain amount of human input. Watercress read typesetting, proofreading, Notes has its own specifications, regardless of content providers to provide content in what format, they must once again re-typesetting.

Liu Chang of the Jingdong network e-book, although did not disclose the the file conversion cost of the Jingdong past year, but he acknowledged that this cost is the price of the standard of the industry, he believes Dangdang, Jingdong, Amazon file conversion cost will not be much difference between , the number of their books more, will not be low cost.

■ parties to view

The Dangdang government burden transcoding fee

Sharon Wang Xi proposed suggestion is that the e-book processing costs can be borne by the Government. He hopes to complete processing by the content provider, costs supported by the government, can then be handed over to the enterprises sales, rather than the Conversion Complete various platforms themselves, repeat the waste of social resources.

In the interview, Wang Xi said: "I know a lot of people will criticize me good to be true, but I still adhere to the idea, some things need the government to promote the Government can not too much money, the foundation well, the basis of the whole digital industry solid support if the government is not only willing to pay, but also to guide the processing of digital products, so there will be a product, with the product will open up this market, in order to allow more people to understand accept. not products, product processing bottlenecks, and this is a great waste of social resources. "Wang Xi believes that each platform processing standards like different varying quality, each platform to do the processing of social resources a tremendous waste.

Why not by the content providers themselves solve processing problems? Wang Xi said the processing cost is huge, if there is no financial support, content providers, in addition to a few key products, the vast majority of products are shoddy reading experience is poor. "If the quality is good, the cost will be high, the Press will think it is a burden, I feel, even though I do it, it is also possible to see the actual revenue, uneconomical, so there is no incentive." Wang Xi mouth power , is the "visible hand" of the Cairns mouth, when the self-regulating market economy, this "invisible hand" does not work, he thinks the government should come forward to promote. "This is what I call first move, first to promote the production of the product, the product is mature, rich by our vendors to open up this market to nurture this needs to promote their products, this industry can grow up."

Jingdong commercial behavior, no need for the Government to pay

For the proposal of Wang Xi, Liu Chang is not too optimistic. "I feel the government to address the possibility of very small, because this is a commercial behavior. Government money is taxpayers 'money, taxpayers' money should solve some common problems, rather than business issues."

Liu Chang said, Now ready to enter the field of e-books, there should be a corresponding input, be patient. That this processing fee who should burden? Liu Chang, from a business point of view this is very clear, of various bookstore, shop in selling books, should be provided by the supplier is a finished book, can not let the bookstore "Staple. "In the long run, certainly the suppliers to provide us with a complete product, we as a sales channel, they sell, which is a direction of future development."

For the present problem, LIU Chang feels normal, very small gains and return of infancy content providers, early income is not sufficient to support their input, so we have no incentive to do the file conversion, this is a very real problem . "Since optimistic about the business, but also the strength, that pre platform to pay is also a solution. Difficult to take care of the unique and innovative platform to do the conversion, can be absorbed by the content of the production side to do opinions of the editors and writers, their creativity in the conversion, which is more appropriate. "

DU Jia Jue also said that no matter what the costs for the industry will be a very important thing to consider going to the development. And watercress reader system specifications, so regardless of the publishers what version of the content, they must again typesetting.

One hundred network the main reason is because the market is not up

Published the portal one hundred, CEO Cheng Sanguo foreign experience this problem, he said transcoding costs should be the common problems faced by the Chinese e-book market now, but not abroad. Abroad early is mainly borne by the Amazon and other platforms more file conversion costs, do it with a late market, publishers would take the initiative to make the document sent to the platform. Early earn money, they do not want to invest now can make money. "

Cheng Sanguo This cost does nothing Tandao every book on the equivalent of the printing of the paper book printing, typesetting money, while the traditional paper book printing cost is much higher than this. "E-book typesetting End can, in fact, even if the outsourcing nor how much money the eBook market abroad, many publishers do transcoding, more outsourcing, as the lower cost."

Transcoding costs in China has become very prominent, Cheng Sanguo said the main reason is because the market is not up, publishers do not want to spend this money the eBook platform want to do it, so they had to do it by yourself, or document. Start abroad also facing this problem, assumed by the platform provider, but this is a temporary process, after the start of this market by the platform provider would not have assumed equivalent we help you make money, you give the product I'm on the line in China, the reason why problems are so prominent, only shows that China's e-book is still in the early stages. "

■ dialogue with third-party

Cheng Sanguo: "Do not pass the buck to the publishers."

Beijing News: Dangdang put forward by the government to address these costs, you recognize this?

Cheng Sanguo: In fact, in China, Dangdang mentioning that it still has a grain of truth, because this is a prominent issue in the process of transformation of Chinese traditional publishing to digital publishing, because the whole market is not up, the entire Press very low degree of digitization on to become a huge gulf, of which there are many historical accumulation of problems, such as the China Press document management, digitizing the extent there are gaps, that in the initial stage, I said just the initial stage, if both sides feel difficult , take some time for the market to do it, in fact in some of the more advanced areas that the Government was doing, such as Shanghai, Shanghai Publishing Bureau there is a project, the Shanghai version of the book digitization, the second phase project has done a lot of books, In order to the local book promotion. This could be considered a public service, especially in the market early.

Beijing News: 2012 a lot of electricity supplier settled in the field of e-books, very busy, but if the income amount is not more than, what do you think the reason is?

Cheng Sanguo: Basically the market is not up, participating, everyone was doing, the market did not up the most important condition is that you want to buy a book, but can not buy books, publishers can not sell a book and on the platform there is no several decent book. Of course, the reason is very complex, but if the market is not up, I think the main responsibility should be borne by the main players in the market. There are several main e-book market, upstream publishers down the platform providers, as well as readers, as well as the market environment, the government, etc., that the market did not do it is not you can put the blame on to the market environment, the government , publishing houses? Wrong and who should bear the primary responsibility for it? I think the platform the ebook platform there are two types, I refer to the e-book 1.0 is file conversion over by the excellent paper book, in this regard, a platform of three major electricity supplier resource advantages, but they To tell the truth, did not do a good job. Small platform in. I think some of them large electricity providers, the reasons are pushed to the publisher that the others do not match, and in fact can not be justified, because the small platform, like to see more like this, can be made, great quality, some decent book sold there. But there are so many resources accumulated a large platform, content providers and readers, a unique way, not a few decent book, I feel that it is not passing the buck to the outside.

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